Rugby Tournament
Gladiabots by Butanium
Timezone: Europe/Paris
Registration open
First Stage - Second Stage
A custom collection gamemode tournament with rugby rules. /!\This isn't a private tournament everyone who read the rules can register/!\ /!\PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE RULES BEFORE REGISTER/!\ /!\IMPORTANT/!\: Please make sure that the nickname you use to register here is identical to your Gladiabots-nick. //You're not forced to read what is below because it's details, but you have to read the "rules"// There are 2 stages : The first is a League with 1 division. Everyone plays once against everyone. The second one is a double elimination tournament : you are eliminated if you loose 2 matches. The seeds of this stage are determined by the league's ranking. In the second stage all matches are Best of 3 The winner of the tournament is the player who won the Grand Finals, between the Upper and Lower Bracket winners : • If the Upper Bracket winner wins the match, he is the winner of the Grand Finals, and the second match of the Grand Finals is removed. • If the Lower Bracket winner wins the match, the Grand Finals is reset, and a second match is played between the two participants. The winner of this second match is the Grand Finals winner.
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